Local Spotlight: Red River Breaks

This edition of Local Spotlight will attempt to shed some light on the relatively unknown and under appreciated area that locals know as the Red River Breaks or North Texas Hill Country.  Located just an hour and a half from six million people in the DFW Metroplex, this unique and scenic region is largely off the radar.

Where Is It?

The Red River Breaks region spans across northwestern Cooke and northeastern Montague counties.  Although some very pretty rolling country exists south of Highway 82 near the Forestburg area, I will define the region as primarily north of Highway 82 north towards the Red River.  Interstate 35 serves as a rough eastern boundary and the town of Nocona marks off the western edge.

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The main towns located in the region are Muenster, Saint Jo, and on the edge, Nocona.  The populations of the towns are 1,561, 1,032 and 3,005 respectively. The terrain is surprisingly hilly with around 400 feet of elevation relief in some spots.  The area truly gives you a unique feeling—like you are somewhere much much farther away from DFW Metroplex.  In some ways the area is very reminiscent of the California Wine Country.  There are huge tracts of pristine native grassland along FM 2382 going north of Saint Jo towards the river.  The expanses of rolling grass give way to dramatic rocky bluffs farther north.  Still farther north, closer to the river, valleys with pecan groves, oak stands and highly improved pastures will make you wonder where you are.   If you take FM 677 north from Saint Jo you will be treated to some excellent scenery as well.  In the fall, the red oaks blaze on the hill tops.

Things to Do/See

The historic towns of Nocona, Saint Jo and Muenster are full of neat things to see and do.  Muenster, to this day, is primarily a German town.  Fischer’s Market in downtown Muenster is something you don’t want to miss.  The owning family has their own beef herd and processing plant and offers some of best beef you will eat.  Tip:  ask for beef from their herd. Fishcher’s also makes and sells over 30 artisanal sausages.  You will quickly realize something special is going on when you walk in the store and see the huge line at the meat counter.  In a historic and restored building on the square in Saint Jo sits the Lazy Heart Grill.  This is an awesome place to get a taste of the area. Farther west, downtown Nocona has recently undergone a significant restoration effort and has lots to offer—including Horton’s Classic Car Museum.

North of Highway 82 you will find three wineries, including the Blue Ostrich Winery on FM 2382.  They have a great tasting room and incredible views of the rolling countryside. For anglers, Lake Nocona is a treat. The lake is 80 feet deep and about 1,500 acres.  The jagged shoreline, unique underwater topography and excellent fish populations make it a destination.

Land Market

Large pieces of land trade very infrequently in this area and prices are relatively high because of the scenic value, demand and great deer population.  

Please contact us for more information about the area land market as well as off-market options.