Republic Ranches featured in Texas Monthly

Texas Monthly February Issue 2015

New Money? No Problem

By Katy Vine
Photo credit: Kenny Braun

If you’ve struck it rich in the oil boom or just happen to have a few million lying around, Jeff Boswell has ranches to show you. But don’t delay – they’re going fast.

About the fastest Jeff Boswell ever sold a ranch was in a matter of hours. The buyer was a man named Frank (he doesn’t want to divulge his last name) who was interested in Hill Country property. For years, Frank had lived on a South Texas ranch, in the modest two-bedroom house his mother was born in, and was so broke that he sometimes had to sell a cow to feed his family. Then, in 2011, drillers found oil on his land and made him rich. Like many before him, he called Boswell. “I’ve got some money now. I don’t believe in the stock market. I’m not giving them damn bankers nothing,” Boswell remembers Frank saying. “I’d really like to invest in the land.”