Republic Ranches Roadshow

Four Intimate Roundtable Meetings Recently Held in Austin, Dallas, Houston, & San Antonio

Republic Ranches with their strategic ally Fay Ranches, and The Land Report, recently held these roundtable discussions in Austin, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio. We discussed current rural land trends and investing in land for agriculture, recreation and timber across Texas and the U.S. This year we also added an additional emphasis on important topics such as Water Concerns, and Chronic Wasting Disease in deer.

Here are a few quick takeaways from these meetings you may find helpful.

  • Overall, global markets may be nervous, but the Texas land markets are strong ….. for now.
  • Buyers are more price sensitive (especially in further, more rural areas) and the sellers have loosened their price positions. So, deals are getting done and transaction volume is up.
  • With the recent downturn in many commodity prices, we are seeing a different mix of buyers come to the market.
  • Despite heavy rainfall in 2015 and recent months, future water supplies are still a concern, and changes in water rights regulations are important to follow.
  • There are many new emerging issues surrounding recent CWD findings. Chronic Wasting Disease in Texas deer in a real concern that is impacting ranch transactions. Contact us for questions.

Key people in attendance:

Jeff BoswellPartner/Broker with Republic Ranches
Charles DavidsonPartner/Broker with Republic Ranches
Mark MatthewsPartner/Broker with Republic Ranches
Bryan PickensPartner/Broker with Republic Ranches
Greg FayFounder/Broker of Fay Ranches
Eric O’KeefeEditor of The Land Report
Rhonda JolleyAttorney and Water Expert, Branscomb, PC
Susana Canseco – Attorney and Water expert, Branscomb, PC
Kevin WardGeneral Manager, Trinity River Authority

Republic Ranches is an elite farm, ranch and rural properties brokerage firm serving Texas, Oklahoma and, via a strategic alliance with Fay Ranches, the Rocky Mountain West. Republic Ranches is one of the most powerful land brokerages in the country. The company has offices in Austin, Corpus Christi, Dallas, Hondo, Houston, and San Antonio that allow the team to cover a broad region that is home to some of the finest ranches in North America. Its well-connected presence in the major cities offers clients access to qualified buyers who often come from capital-rich major metro areas.
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The Land Report profiles passionate landowners, identifies investment opportunities, explains ways to improve and conserve land, provides legislation updates, and highlights outdoor gear and equipment. Since its founding in 2007, the Dallas-based publication has established itself as the Magazine of the American Landowner with Eric O’Keefe at the helm as editor. Francis Ford Coppola, Clint Eastwood, Joe Montana, T. Boone Pickens, and Nolan Ryan are a few of the leading landowners who have shared insights and experiences in the pages of this award-winning publication.
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Fay Ranches founder Greg Fay began as a pioneer in the industry and Fay Ranches continues that tradition of innovation today. As ‘Fay Fly Fishing Properties,’ they were the first brokerage firm to focus on recreation and its contribution to the overall value of land. This aspect of the land investment arena has grown considerably since they first brought it to the forefront as a quantifiable value. Today, Fay Ranches specializes in the marketing and sale of large farms, ranches, timberland and plantations possessing exemplary sporting attributes, conservation values, and investment quality. They have a passionate desire to see land remain productive and managed in a sustainable way for the benefit of agriculture and fish and wildlife.
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