Rob Grainger

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About Rob

Rob Grainger was born and raised in Houston, Texas. With his family’s ranch in Washington County, just outside of Brenham, Rob would spend every opportunity at the Mayfair receiving a hands-on education in ranching and wildlife while working alongside his family. This opportunity and the various leases his family held in South Texas instilled a deep desire to pursue a career in Ranch Management and Real Estate. Rob studied wildlife biology and rangeland economy at Texas A&M University and moved to Corpus Christi after graduation to pursue his career as a Wildlife Operations Manager for the Jones family on their landholdings and leases in Texas and Missouri. Rob also owns and operates Grainger Ranch Recruiting, LLC, placing high-end employees on farms and ranches throughout the United States. As Rob’s understanding of South Texas properties and landowners increased, his interest in pursuing farm and ranch real estate significantly grew, and with his education and experience in South Texas, he is exceptionally qualified to assist buyers and sellers in their farm and ranch transactions. Rob lives in Corpus Christi, TX with his wife, Georgia and son’s Robert and Mitchell where they attend The Church of the Good Shepherd. Rob is licensed in Texas. 

Spotlight Questionnaire: 

1. What other areas of expertise do you have that can help your clients?

I can assist with ranch budgeting and coordination, habitat assessments and management analysis, new landowner consultation and goal setting. 

2. What are some hobbies you enjoy doing in your spare time?

Hunting, saltwater fishing, wildlife photography and our boy’s sports.

3. What is your go-to travel spot?

Outside of hunting trips, my wife and I enjoy Islamorada, Florida.

4. Do you have a favorite “off the beaten path” restaurant when you’re on the road? 

CB’s BBQ in Kingsville is a hidden gem. 

5. What is your proudest moment or favorite memory while working with Republic Ranches?

I sold a ranch to a client in Bee County in the spring of 2019. Since that recent transaction, I have had the pleasure to help put together the ranch of his dreams from staffing, adding more property next door to his holding and beginning the work to make it a showplace. He has transitioned from a client to a friend. Those are the relationships that I seek and know that it was a job well done.

6. What’s a motto you live by?

“Do unto others as you would have done to you.”