If you are buying or selling a ranch or rural land in Texas, it is important to have a premier and detail-oriented title company working the transaction from start to finish.  A seasoned escrow officer and a team of support personnel will handle all of the varied and sometimes complex title issues, keep all parties informed throughout the process, and coordinate and facilitate the closing.

A proper closing service will consist of several components that include the following:

  • Receipt and hold earnest money in FDIC insured bank accounts
  • Conduct initial title search and examination
  • Distribute title commitment and assist to cure any title issues
  • Assist with the ordering and approval of surveys
  • Coordinate and facilitate closing at a geographically appropriate location
  • Disburse funds at time of closing
  • Issue title policies underwritten by a national insurer

One thing to keep in mind is that the necessity for title insurance is paramount with any real estate transaction, and the final title policies should be issued by the strongest provider of title insurance nationally.  It is equally important that the purchaser and/or lender receive a title policy underwritten by an insurer that has financial strength.  As with any type of insurance policy, the strength of the underwriter is to be strongly considered.  If a title claim should arise, a strong underwriter with a proven track-record will have the ability to pay the claim.

Often, we see title examination that takes place at a local title company within geographical proximity to the ranch being purchased, but in some areas, the trend is moving toward a more centralized title search and closing service.  A title company in the larger cities where many of today’s buyers and sellers reside can also handle rural ranch closing services. The cost is the same (and these are regulated) as it would be at a local title company, and there can be much to gain.  They have cooperating agreements with title companies across the state.  When a property is beyond the reach of their examiners, they will reach out to the local title company to provide initial title search and examination, and then they do the rest.

Our team at Republic has strong relationships in both large and small markets with the best title companies that are equipped to handle every aspect of the closing experience for ranches in Texas.   We recommend that buyers and sellers work with only the best title companies, to make sure that their sales get done on time, and properly.