Drummond Lindsey

About Drummond

Drummond is originally from New Braunfels, Texas but grew up making frequent trips to Wray, Colorado for family gatherings due to family ties to the small town in Colorado. Drummond’s grandfather loved to hunt and provided him with not only the opportunity to hunt but the mentorship needed to mold a young hunter to respect the land as well as the animals hunted. The best times of his life were spent on his grandfather’s ranch in the Texas Hill Country learning all he could. Drummond knew from a young age that hunting would play a major role in his life. He eventually followed his dreams and has spent the past 30 years guiding and outfitting hunts in Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Colorado, New Mexico and Sonora, Mexico. His primary focus was to locate the best areas possible to hunt the biggest mule deer in North America. The focus was on quality over quantity, and that focus expanded to hunting elk and bighorn sheep. Hunting only mature, singular animals has taught him that you typically create your own luck and that patience and persistence pay off. Drummond brings that same determination to the farm and ranch business and focuses his efforts on finding the right piece of property for the right buyer. Quality, not quantity, will always be his focus. Drummond lives in Windsor, Colorado with his wife Shilpa, daughter Asha and son Brooks. Drummond is licensed in Colorado and New Mexico.

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1. What other areas of expertise do you have that can help your clients?

I grew up in the outdoors and have 31 years of guiding and outfitting experience all across the western United States and Mexico.  I help clients identify locations for ranches and/or hunts based on their specific interests and goals.  My background ranges from farm and ranch to recreational properties and I have an extensive network across the west to help buyers and sellers connect.  From operational logistics to income potential I am always here to assist

 2. What are some hobbies you enjoy doing in your spare time?

My wife and I have two children with active schedules so I don’t find myself with a lot of spare time, but I do enjoy taking a break and watching sporting events, sharing the outdoors with my children and catching a summer concert with my wife at Red Rocks Amphitheater here in Colorado.

3. What is your go-to travel spot?

Since I travel so much for work I do enjoy down time at home, but because we spend so much time in the mountains of Colorado we have sure enjoyed annual visits to Rosemary Beach in Florida.  My family and I love the gin clear water and fine sugar sand beaches there.  

4. Do you have a favorite “off the beaten path” restaurant when you’re on the road? 

Favorite restaurant is a tough one, but I’m a sucker for great hole-in-the-wall restaurants.  What are you in the mood to eat?  Let me know and I can point you in a direction.  If I had to pick my favorite restaurant, I’d have to say Tacos de Armando in Hermosillo Sonora Mexico.  I know some of y’all reading this will head south of the border to hunt big desert mule deer this year and when you do just hit Armando’s one night.  The taco poblano is excellent and worth the trip!

5. What is your proudest moment or favorite memory while working with Republic Ranches?

I think my favorite memory at Republic Ranches was the interview process with the RR brokers. I had several interviews set up with various brokerages and my first interview was with Mark Matthews, one of the partners with Republic. I knew within 3 minutes of meeting with Mark that Republic Ranches was where I wanted to be and, more importantly, where I was supposed to be.  I already had a great relationship with Clayton Leonard who works with Republic Ranches in Colorado and New Mexico and I was hopeful I would be able to join him there.  When I was offered the opportunity, I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  I’m genuinely proud of what Republic Ranches represents, who they are as individuals and what an amazing team we have.  “Humbled” is the word I would use to be able to be a part of what Republic Ranches stands for.

 6. What’s a motto you live by?

I don’t have a motto or a catchphrase that I live by, but my goal is to always treat people the way that I would want to be treated and to expect nothing in return. That has served me very well over the years.