July 14, 2021

As a manager of ranches and wildlife habitats across South Texas, I must admit that I was not thrilled with the way we began our year, from a rainfall perspective that is. At one of our places, we had received less than 2” from January 1st to May 1st. We were well into a severe ... READ MORE

February 10, 2021

Strengthening export dynamics, as well as drought, have put a serious dent in U.S. grain stockpiles and sent commodities prices climbing over the last several months.  In fact, prices for the key farm commodities of corn, soybeans and wheat have recently spiked to levels not seen in more than six years! Increased crop prices means ... READ MORE

November 23, 2020

SIGN UP FOR A COMPLIMENTARY SUBSCRIPTION Republic Ranches and Fay Ranches are pleased to present our valued clients and friends with a complimentary subscription to Land Investor magazine, the ultimate coffee table book. This informative publication features stunning photography and expert opinions and advice on buying property, successful land investment, sustainable land management, ranch life, and ... READ MORE

October 28, 2020

If you’ve ever been in an old rancher’s truck, I’m sure you looked around the dusty cab at the scattered files lining the dashboard, tractor parts catalogs tucked under the trusty beat-up rifle, wondering to yourself how he keeps up with it all? After spending time in the truck with them, you realize there is ... READ MORE
Tell a Story with Water - Tips to Enhancing Water Features

September 23, 2020

Water is a hot commodity right now in the ranch market. We have seen a spike in demand in the Texas land market since COVID, much of it coming from first-time land buyers. For many, the dream of land ownership starts with visions of the family cooling off in a clear Hill Country stream or ... READ MORE
7 Simple Mistakes to Avoid When Planting a Food Plot

August 26, 2020

Food plots are a great way to add diversity to your property and provide food all season long for wildlife. Once you know the basics and how to avoid simple mistakes, they are excellent management tools. If you want good results, you need to slow down and understand your land first, then how to prepare ... READ MORE

June 17, 2020

Featured In Land Investor Volume 3 While the entire state of Texas has only one natural lake over 1,000 surface acres, it has the highest overall acreage of surface water of any state in the country. Texans value their surface water, for the state is a relatively dry place overall. As an owner or prospective ... READ MORE

May 20, 2020

Featured in Land Investor Volume 4 Stretching from the Central Mexican Highlands to three states in the southwestern corner of the United States and covering nearly 175,000 square miles, the Chihuahuan Desert is the largest in North America. This stretch of land is a defining characteristic of the area around West Texas, southern New Mexico, ... READ MORE

May 6, 2020

Featured in Land Investor Magazine Volume 5 In Texas, unless you’re lucky enough to have a water well that artesian flows to the surface without any pumping or lifting, there’s a good chance you are using a windmill or electrical submersible pump system.  If you haven’t made the switch yet, it may be time to ... READ MORE

April 22, 2020

Countless memories flood my brain when I start daydreaming about hitting the road for the next family ranch trip. Our ranch has been my escape. A place where so many great memories have been made and many life lessons have been learned.  I remember loading up in the back seat of my dad’s 1996 white ... READ MORE
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