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Knox Lake Ranch - Limestone County, Kosse, TX

The Knox Lake Ranch is a 280 Acre, diverse hunting and fishing ranch located in Southern Limestone County. The ranch boasts a 26-acre lake with trophy Florida bass, a 10-acre duck unit loaded with ducks in the fall and introduced South Texas Whitetail which are now in the 170s & 180s. The ranch is located 50 miles north of College Station and 40 miles East of Waco. 

Wildlife: The wildlife species that can be found on the ranch include whitetail deer, dove, ducks, and other vermin. The lake produces 3-6 pound bass regularly and one of the largest caught this year has weighed in at 10 lbs. In the fall the duck unit can be flooded using the lake water. The unit is surrounded by pecan trees and oaks, the acorns and pecans draw in Mallards, Gadwall, Widgeon, and Wood ducks. The main lake has excellent duck hunting as well.  It attracts plenty of Teal, Pintail, Gadwall, and Redheads, as well as other types of ducks. The Ranch is high fenced and years back South Texas whitetails were introduced, the landowner is seeing 170-180 inch deer this year and the largest shot on the ranch has scored 202. The ranch feeds protein year-round and also plants food plots in the fall. This would make a great place for exotic as well. 

Improvements: Overlooking the lake sits a 2,538sq. ft. Cedar home with two large bedrooms and private bathrooms. There are four smaller bedrooms that have a bathroom per two rooms. The home was built about 14 years ago in very well kept. The cabinets and several of the furniture pieces were custom made with rough-hewn cedar. There is a large deck overlooking the lake with a grill and sitting space.  Near the front gate sits the ranch manager’s home which is 4 bedrooms. A good water well feeds all the homes and barn. The barn has horse stalls, a cleaning room, a walk-in cooler, and a large smoker room for hanging your game meats. 

Water: The Lake is 26 acres with a depth of around 20’ and fed predominately by a tributary of Big Creek. Water can be released with a valve on the Southwest corner of the lake to flood the duck unit in the fall. The duck unit can be drained in the spring to plant millet or other grains for waterfowl. The Lake has large Florida Bass, Bluegill, Crappie, and blue channel catfish. There are also 3 smaller ponds around the ranch for wildlife and livestock, each has fish in them as well.

Topography: The ranch is predominately flat with a slight relief toward to Lake,  a good bit of the runoff from the place ends up in the lake or duck unit.

Agriculture: The property is Ag exempt with Limestone County appraisal district, this exemption is kept by grazing cattle.


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Knox Lake Ranch

Limestone County, Kosse, TX

280 Acres

Property Sold
Jun 15th, 2020
$1,970,000 (Asking Price)