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Foester Farm - Calhoun County, Seadrift, TX

Key Attributes


The Foester Farm is a diverse and unique offering in that it can be divided into 3 adjoining parcels all with highly valuable attributes. From a current cash flow and future development potential this is an incredible investment opportunity. Furthermore, at $3500 per acre, the Seller will convey ½ of the mineral estate!

The Subject Property:

Foester Row Crop Farm (422 acres) is situated on the east-side of State Highway 185 and the west-side of Louie Walker Rd.

Foester Roemer Pasture (270 acres) is situated on the west-side of State Hwy 185, and the east-side of Heyland Rd.

Foester Roemer Waterfront (138 acres) is situated on the west-side of the Roemer Pasture and Heyland Road.  This tract features approx. 2,027 feet of frontage along the Victoria Barge Canal (VBC), and has direct access by boat to San Antonio Bay, Guadalupe Bay, and several other bays and estuaries along the Gulf Coast.

Foester Row Crop Description:  The Foester Row Crop Farm is comprised of 442 acres of which there are 422 acres are in cultivation (corn, cotton, milo) under a crop sharing arrangement with Hayes Farms of Port Lavaca.  The composition of the soils consist of 49% Laewest clay and 46% Dacosta-Contee complex.  FSA data is available upon request. The east-end of this farm (approx. 20-acres) is improved pasture.  This farm features approx. 2,000 feet of frontage along State Highway 185, and 1700 feet of frontage along Fischer Smith Rd.

Foester Roemer Pasture Description: The Foester Roemer Pasture is approx. 50% improved pasture and 50% scattered South Texas brush such as Live Oak and Anaqua trees. The east side of the property features approx. ½ mile of frontage along State Hwy 185, the north boundary is partially bounded by Louie Walker Rd. The west side is bounded by Heyland Rd. There is a 25-acre fenced hay field originally planted with Jiggs bermudagrass that currently is a mixture of bermuda and native grasses. The remaining pasture land is comprised of native grasses providing for ample forage for the cattle. The property is not fenced along Heyland Rd. allowing cattle to cross from the Foester Roemer Pasture to the Foester Roemer Waterfront pasture for water.  Game on the Foester Roemer Pasture predominately consists of whitetail deer, dove and hogs. Toward the middle of the property is a drainage canal system which is maintained by the Calhoun County Drainage District. The Seller recently entered into an agreement with AEP Texas, Inc. (electric utility) under which AEP will construct new electric lines along Louis Walker Rd. and Heyland Rd. 

This parcel ties into the larger ranch as a strategic source of grazing pasture and wildlife habitat.

Considering the amount of road frontage, a new owner could easily divide the tract into smaller parcels for resale and/or develop the tract as a country estates subdivision.

Foester Roemer Waterfront Description: With approx. 2,027 feet of frontage along the Victoria Barge Canal and direct access to a renowned system of bays and estuaries for both saltwater fishing and waterfowl hunting the Foester Roemer Waterfront pasture has the trifecta of fishing, hunting and ranching capacity. Additionally, from a future investment perspective this parcel increases the overall value of the entire ranch by tying into the VBC.  There is large potential to site an industrial facility, FLC site (shipping containers), oil terminal, etc.

The elevation of the property is an important factor in determining the value of this property. This parcel sits atop a high bluff (approx. 21 feet above the constant level VCB) overlooking a relatively small tidal flats basin area.  The property is well protected from flooding.   The tidal flats basin is an ideal location for construction of a duck and geese hunting lodge.

There is a mix of typical south Texas brush, Live Oak and Anaqua trees creating a beautiful landscape nestled next to waterfront. The existing variety brush provides good cover and browse for deer while the open pasture is a mix of native grasses perfect for sustaining a good herd of cattle. There is a water well, single-phase electric power, and working cattle pens on site. Ingress to and egress from this parcel is from Heyland Rd. which is an asphalt road that is maintained by Calhoun County.

Considering the amount of water frontage, a new owner could develop either an inland marine (tug and barge) enterprise with docks and bulkheads which could accommodate up to 12 barges, or a fishing marina with RV Park.

Wildlife: Wildlife consists of typical coastal plains game including whitetail deer, hogs, dove, duck, geese and various varmints. Excellent saltwater fishing and waterfowl hunting can be found along the VBC and nearby bays and estuaries.

Water:  There is one water well on the Roemer Waterfront pasture which is used to water cattle, and there are no ponds, lakes, or other surface water.  The property is situated on top of the Gulf Coast Aquifer so the drilling of one or more additional well(s) would be relatively inexpensive.

Location: Located 3 miles north of Seadrift, Texas on both sides of State Hwy 185.

History:  The Foester family’s history in the immediate area dates back to 1847 when Louis John Foester immigrated from Germany with only a mastery of the saddlery trade.  After arriving in Matagorda Bay, he began what would become a flourishing saddlery business, and then began to buy and trade for land. Every generation of the Foester Family has resided in Calhoun County for over 170 years, and has owned and operated thousands of acres of farms and ranches. The Curtis Foester Family has been acknowledged as one of the most influential families of Calhoun County, Texas in the 20th century.

Minerals: Provided that the property is sold for the Asking Price, the Seller will convey one-half (50%) of minerals associated with the land.  There are no oil & gas leases covering the property, and there are no producing or non-producing oil & gas wells (or saltwater disposal wells) on the property. 

Taxes: The property is taxed at 1D1 Ag Value, where applicable.

Asking Price: $2,978,990 (or ~$3,500/acre)


Foester Farm

Calhoun County, Seadrift, TX

408+/- Acres

Property Sold
Dec 30th, 2019
$1,463,000 (Asking Price)