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Shouse Refugio Ranch - Refugio County, Refugio, TX

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Republic Ranches is proud to introduce the Shouse Refugio Ranch, a true heritage property being part of the historic O’Connor Ranch established after the Texas Revolutionary War.   The Shouse Refugio Ranch is a diverse property located southeast of Refugio, Texas.  It includes miles of frontage on the Mission River and Melon Creek.  It is also a combination of brush covered uplands, low areas for waterfowl and high ground farm land.  All of this provides for a unique opportunity for hunting, fishing, and income producing farming. 

Location: The ranch is located on FM Highway 2678, six miles southeast of Refugio, Texas.

Farm land and Melon Creek Pasture:  This eastern pasture is approximately 837 acres located on the east, northeast side of FM 2678 and includes 1.25 miles of frontage on Melon Creek.   Melon Creek and Melon Lake, make a tremendous waterfowl habitat for the area.  It is a feeder system for Mission River and Mission Bay.   The farm land portion of this parcel makes up about 660 acres of good black soils for excellent farming.  The remainder of the pasture approximately 176 acres is in tall grass, brush and large trees.  There is a bluff on the far end of the farm land overlooking the Melon Creek system that has stunning views of waterfowl paradise. During the winter migration ducks and geese are found in the creek and lakes.   Deer move through the creek bottom habitat and there is excellent dove and turkey hunting.  There is one artesian well on the property and groundwater is plentiful in this area.

Mission River Pasture:    Directly across the highway from the farm land pasture is approximately 1,094 acres, with approximately 145 acres of uplands covered in brush and trees along the west, southwest side of FM 2678.  This area is brushy and overlooks the Mission River valley to the west.  The view is unique for its beauty and the amount of acreage that can be seen.  The property begins to slope toward the Mission River into a delta area covering approximately 950 acres that is a low land prairie that is dotted with natural lakes and shoreline grasses.  The property rises up along the banks of the Mission River.  The Ranch has approximately 3.6 miles of frontage along the east bank of the river.  The River at this point is approximately 150 feet wide and 6 to 7 feet deep  Mission Bay is only a short distance downstream of the ranch.  There is one water well on the property and a small set of pens.  There are 3 artesian wells on this section of the property.

Wildlife includes white-tailed deer, hogs and turkey.  This is a duck hunter’s paradise and may be one of the best waterfowl properties on the market right now.  

Minerals:      This sale is a surface estate sale only.  There is limited older production in several areas.

History:         The Shouse Ranch is part of the historic O’Connor ranches that has been a continuously owned and operated by family members for well over a century and a half.  Founded by Thomas O’Connor who had fought at the Battle of San Jacinto, the ranches grew to over 500,000 acres.  Part of the legacy of this famous cattle ranch was helping to develop the cattle which ultimately became the foundation of the Santa Gertrudis breed.  Currently, families of Mr. O’Connor’s decendants share ownerships of the land in different pastures.  The Shouse Ranch pastures have continued the legacy of Mr. O’Connor and run a well-established cow/calf operation to this day.

Shouse Refugio Ranch

Refugio County, Refugio, TX

1,930 Acres

Property Sold
Dec 19th, 2019
$5,114,315 (Asking Price)