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Tarkington Bayou Ranch - Liberty County, Plum Grove, TX

Key Attributes

Tarkington Bayou Ranch is a very diverse property a mere 37 miles from downtown Houston just outside of the small town of Plum Grove.  The property is covered in towering hardwoods and pines, with multiple water features such as miles of Tarkington Bayou, wetland marshes, and multiple small creeks.  Deer and hogs are abundant on the property as well as migratory waterfowl.  This is an opportunity to own a large ranch less than 45 minutes from Houston with long term investment potential as a single family residential community.

Location:      The property is accessed by a private road off of FM 1010 five miles north of Plum Grove.

Habitat:         The property was recently a fully timbered tract with a mix of hardwoods and pines.  Recent work has been done on parts of the ranch to clear out areas and removal of pines in parts while leaving the hardwoods.  There have been two newly built wetland units that will attract a wide variety of waterfowl during the winter.  The areas along Tarkington Bayou are dominated by hardwoods and the Bayou is lined with large Cypress trees.  Soils are primarily sandy loam.    While the majority of the property is out of the floodplain, the ecosystem is dominated by bottomland hardwoods along the bayou and creeks with pines in the higher grounds.

Wildlife:         White-tailed deer are abundant on the property along with wild hogs.  It is an excellent hunting property with the bayou establishing migratory routes for the game.    

                        While the area has established small potholes and semi-permanent water along the creeks and bayous which have attracted wood ducks and mallards for years, the recent establishment of two large wetland units will attract more and a wider variety of waterfowl in the coming years.

                       Other wildlife includes plenty of migrating birds including bald eagles, ospreys, snipe, woodcocks as well as a plethora of song birds.

Improvements: The property has few improvements other than excellent roads.

Water:            Tarkington Bayou runs 3 miles along the eastern boundary of the property. This bayou flows year-round and is lined with cypress and oaks. There are multiple small potholes on the property which hold water during the winter and several ponds. There are also smaller creeks which run the property and are primarily intermittent.

Mitigation Bank/Conservation Easement:  There are two Mitigation Banks on the property with established Conservation Easements.

                        Tarkington Bayou Mitigation Bank is 1,440 acres and is located primarily on the eastern half of the property along the bayou.       The majority of the pine trees are being removed from this tract while leaving the hardwoods which will greatly improve the bio-diversity of the land and increase the quality of the habitat for most game species.  The two large wetland units that have recently been built are also within the boundaries of the bank.

                        Houston-Conroe Mitigation Bank is a 396 acre bank which follows several intermittent creeks which traverse the middle of the property.  The creeks have been designed to improve the habitat and water flows of the system and also has thinned the amount of pine while leaving the hardwoods.

Development Potential: The general area of the ranch has recently been extensively developed for single family housing.  When completed the Grand Parkway will be 7 miles south of the property increasing the access, and Highway 59 is only seven miles from the gate entrance.  The unencumbered 1,664 acres could be developed into single family housing in the future and could include the neighboring Mitigation Banks as green space, or be subdivided to keep parts of the property as hunting and recreational property, while developing the parts of the ranch which do not have Conservation Easements on them.

Electricity:    Electricity can be found in several areas along the boundary of the property.

 Minerals:      None available and there is one established gas well on the property.

Tarkington Bayou Ranch

Liberty County, Plum Grove, TX

1,539 Acres

Property Sold
Aug 20th, 2020
$7,243,600 (Asking Price)