Refuge on the Llano - Llano County, Llano, TX

In the heart of the Llano Granite Uplift – on the south bank of Llano River, is a magnificent ranch property offered for sale for the first time on the open market. The ranch encompasses 1,160 acres on the south side of HWY 152 (a very quiet rural 2-lane blacktop), along with 5.41 riverfront acres on the north side of the same road. The Llano River frontage here is as good as it gets – a cataract of whitewater rapids carves through a huge granite outcropping, then culminates in a deep, clear pool lined with massive boulders. Smoothed by centuries of flowing water, the rocks slope gently down to the water’s edge – providing more than a football field’s length of convenient access to the river – usable for guests of all ages and abilities. Hickory Creek, a tributary to the Llano River, is an exceptional water feature on the ranch as well. Hickory Creek runs through the center of the ranch for approximately 2 miles, flowing over a major granite outcropping at the downstream end that is picturesque and private. Hickory Creek flows full-time in many places on the ranch during normal rainfall years. In the springtime, the wildflower display on the ranch is nothing short of spectacular.


The ranch is located in Llano County, approximately 15 minutes west of the town of Llano, 1.5 hours west of Austin, and less than 2 hours north of San Antonio. The charming, popular, and unincorporated town of Castell is located 5 miles west of the ranch on HWY 152.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

Approximately 80 million years ago, when the Balcones Fault shifted and the Texas Hill Country was born, the ranch and the surrounding area experienced a massive uplift of solid granite and other highly compressed rock formations that came from near the core of the earth. Over time, this phenomenon has created an entirely different ecosystem than the limestone formations and hills typical of most of central Texas. For millions of years, the granite in this area has eroded to create red sandy soils that are very fertile. These soils support the highest quality native vegetation for wildlife, with diverse brush species and enhanced habitat components. The juniper (cedar) trees that are invasive to much of Central Texas do not thrive here – they dislike the soil. Instead, the ranch is covered with mature live oaks, post oaks, scattered mesquite trees, beautiful granite outcroppings, native prairie grasses, spectacular spring wildflowers, and a broad selection of brush that is excellent food and cover for wildlife. Multiple hilltop sites on the ranch present panoramic, horizon views.


White-tailed deer in this area grow larger than most of Central Texas, bobwhite quail can be plentiful in good rainfall years, and Rio Grande turkeys roost along Hickory Creek in very healthy numbers.


A newly renovated master suite with full kitchen, master bath, and large attached shop/garage is located on the riverfront. Also newly renovated is the 2 bedroom cabin with full kitchen and bath. The riverfront includes 4 RV hookup sites, a large outdoor stone fireplace and concrete slab entertaining area, and domestic water well. South of HWY 152 there is a spectacular hilltop homesite with power and new water well – just waiting for the ranch house of your dreams.


There are approximately 333 feet of Llano River frontage that is “best of the best” and approximately 2 miles of Hickory Creek within the ranch that flows year-round with average rainfall. The property has 4 windmills for livestock water and 2 domestic water wells with electric pumps.


Surface sale only.

Area History

For centuries, the wildlife-rich Llano Uplift was inhabited and claimed by the Native American Tonkawa tribe. During the European colonization, the Comanche tribe displaced the Tonkawas and claimed the area due to their superior horsemanship skills. Today, artifacts dating back thousands of years can still be found in the area.

Refuge on the Llano

Llano County, Llano, TX

1,165± Acres

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