4S Ranch - La Salle County, Artesia Wells, TX

The 4S Ranch is an ideal South Texas hunting property located in the famous “red dirt” area of the Golden Triangle. The ranch has fantastic hunting for trophy white-tailed deer, quail, turkey, dove, javelina and nilgai. 4S is high-fenced and easily accessible from I-35 being just 4 miles down FM133 E but far enough away to not have any road noise.  The ranch has great water distribution and a high-volume Carrizo water well.


4S Ranch is located 19 miles south of Cotulla, Texas, and accessed from Snowden Road off of FM133 just a few miles from I-35 South. The entrance is at the end of the county road creating excellent privacy.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

4S Ranch is located in South Texas brush country and offers excellent native grasses and brush such as blackbrush, huisache, Spanish dagger, and mesquite, an ideal habitat for wildlife. The northern portion of the ranch has a more dense brush, ideal for deer habitat, while portions of the south of the ranch are more open creating opportunities for hunting quail. The soil of the ranch is primarily red sandy loam (“red sand”).


The wildlife on the ranch consists of a trophy-managed white-tailed deer herd under an MLD program with year-round protein feeding. This region of South Texas is known for its superior white-tailed deer genetics, and 4S is no exception with opportunities for 170+ class deer annually. In addition to the white-tail, there are also turkey, quail, dove, and javelina on the ranch. Dove hunting is excellent in the field irrigated by a pivot and located at the center of the ranch or the numerous watering holes spread across the property. The southern portion of the ranch is more open with motted brush creating the perfect terrain for running trucks and dogs for a traditional quail hunt.  The ranch also hosts a small herd of nilgai who thrive in the South Texas ecosystem and offer a challenging hunting experience.


4S hosts an excellent road system that grants access to all portions of the ranch. Blinds and feeders are located in both traditional South Texas senderos and overlooking the water ponds spread throughout the property. The ranch also contains a large barn for equipment, wildlife cleaning and storage, and vehicle storage. For housing, the property has three small houses, all connected to electricity with an area ready for a large lodge to be constructed.


Surface water on the 4S consists of a large 5-acre pond as well as numerous watering holes for the wildlife. The 5-acre pond is lined and fed by a 650-gallon-per-minute, deep Carrizo water well (run on 3-phase electricity). The Carrizo irrigation well provides water for the pivot field at the center of the ranch. Multiple watering holes created for the wildlife are spread throughout the property and have been crafted to blend into the terrain and provide shelter for the wildlife. These watering holes are fed by additional shallow water wells.


There is electricity available to each of the three sites where improvements are located, and two electric lines run through the ranch.


No minerals are available with this ranch. There are two active natural gas pad sites on the ranch, and recent new developments have been offsite underground wells that do not disturb the surface of the ranch.

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4S Ranch

La Salle County, Artesia Wells, TX

2,908± Acres