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Diamond B Ranch - Duval County, Freer, TX

Key Attributes

Diamond B Ranch is part of the Historic Welder-Rancho Esperanza that was founded in 1920.  The have only been two owners since then.  There are approximately 6,550 deeded acres that is some of the best deer country in South Texas.   The big brush and years of family ownership and hunting,  makes this a prime location for a big buck operation. 

Location: The ranch is located in Duval County, Texas, along the east side of County Road 330 and at the north terminus of County Road 333.  It is also located approximately 9 miles east of Freer and 12 miles northwest of San Diego, Texas.  The ranch is located, approximately 4 miles north of State Highway 44.

Habitat and Wildlife: The Diamond B Ranch has the ideal environment for deer, dove, quail, and hog hunting.  The ranch is a perfect example of a South Texas brush country ranch.  It has all the native brush species for growing large white-tailed deer.  This area is also known for its incredible dove hunting. The ranch is under a MLDP  permit issued by Texas Parks and Wildlife, with a management plan and protein feeding program that has been in place for several years. 

Improvements: The improvements consists of a main road that is a wide, well built all weather caliche road that extends from the main gate approximately 1.2 miles to the compound.  The compound consists of an older home that has been added onto.  The original structure is reported to be part of a Stage Coach stop dating back into the mid 1800’s.  There are also guest cabins that are part of a long narrow building that has 4 adjoining rooms, each with their own entrance.   The ranch equipment is stored in  large metal quonset hut barn.  There is also a walk in cooler and animal cleaning area attached to the barn. 

Water: There are 3 electrical water wells that fill 56 waterers, a solar powered well, and three windmills scattered throughout the ranch. No animal has to go more than 750 yards to get water.  Subsurface or ground water is typically not an issue in the part of the county.  Water wells are typically 300’ to 350’ deep.   

Minerals: Surface only, no minerals. 

Other: There is a large set of cattle working pens at the compound. The roads on the ranch are exceptionally well maintain including an all-weather caliche “loop”. 


Diamond B Ranch

Duval County, Freer, TX

6,710 Acres

Property Sold
Apr 8th, 2021
$12,044,450 (Asking Price)