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La Salle 66 - La Salle County, Cotulla, TX

Key Attributes

The La Salle 66 Ranch is best described as a “South Texas Brush Country Ranch!”  The ranch is 66 acres of great brush diversity, with good open areas that will support the native wildlife. The South Texas brush includes mesquite, blackbrush, guajillo, and prickly pear among others, making rich vegetation for whitetail deer. The ranch has received little hunting pressure over the past years and sets the stage for superb hunting of deer, quail, dove and hogs. It has a good interior road system, with strategically cut hunting senderos and the perimeter is fenced on all 4 sides. The ranch is located on an easement that has easy access to Dirty Shame Rd., which is a county road that extends to FM 469.

La Salle 66

La Salle County, Cotulla, TX

66 Acres

Property Sold
Feb 25th, 2019
$145,000 (Asking Price)