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Mesquite Brushland Ranch - Duval County, San Diego, TX

The Mesquite Brushland Ranch is an excellent opportunity to own and operate a quiet native brush country ranch with undisturbed habitat and game. For years this ranch has been left undisturbed for the game to thrive and be wild. When you enter the gates on the ranch you can appreciate the wildlife value with mature mixed brush, a dense canopy of cover and game trails traversing the habitat.

Location: The ranch is located 3.3 Miles south of San Diego and fronts the east side of FM 1329. Drive time to Corpus Christi is 1 hour and San Antonio is 2 hours.

Habitat: The habitat on the ranch is typical of the South Texas brush country. Mature stands of mixed brush dominate the landscape with scattered mesquite and huisache. Brush species found include guayacan, blackbrush, lime prickly ash, agarita, lotebush, coma, Texas persimmon, granjeno and a number of other desirable browse species. The property is generally level with +/- 30’ of elevation change. Soils on the ranch are predominately rich fine sandy loam soils.

Wildlife: The native wildlife on the ranch include white-tailed deer,  mourning and white wing dove, javelina, blue and bobwhite quail. This property has not been hunted in years and is ready for feeders and blinds.

Improvements: There are no structural improvements on the property of value.

Utilities: There is electricity throughout the property.

Water: There are no operational wells on the property.

Conservation Easement: The current owners are placing a conservation easement on the property so that the pristine habitat can be conserved for wildlife resources. The new owner will be allowed to build up to 2 home sites and 2 water wells and can improve habitat and roadways. The CE will be available for review upon request.

  • The property must be kept as one tract,  there will be no cutting or splitting off of anything less than the whole. 
  • 1 additional road allowance to be built with the exception of clearing for blinds and feeders.
  • 1 building envelope not to exceed 3 acres.
  • Allowance of (2) 1 acre pond locations.
  • Single track pedestrian trails are permitted, but you will be limited to pedestrian use and not vehicle or atv usage.
  • No other structures or improvements may be constructed on the property outside of the building envelope.
  • Automobiles are restricted to the existing roads and the permitted new road. Any new trails will only be accessible by atv’s or foot traffic. What happens when there inclement weather?
  • Harvesting of Coyotes and Bobcats is not permitted.
  • The property is not under agricultural or wildlife tax exemption. A 5 year Ecological lab will need to be implemented , at the cost of the buyer,  in order to reach agricultural or wildlife tax exemption status
Management Plan:
  • Livestock can be grazed only if an Ecolab can not be obtained.
  • Cutting and Removal of woody species may be done a shredder or by hand. Roller Chopping, Chaining or use of a bulldozer is prohibited. 
  • Senderos may be cleared by manual or low impact methods. 

Pricing: $750,000 ($1,098/acre)

Mesquite Brushland Ranch

Duval County, San Diego, TX

683 Acres

Property Sold
Nov 15th, 2021
$750,000 (Asking Price)