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Mission River Ranch - Refugio County, Refugio, TX

Key Attributes

The Mission River Ranch is approximately 265 acres of land located in Refugio County, to the south of Refugio, Texas.  It is also located at the end of Cliff Road, which is a county-maintained all-weather roadway.  The Mission River forms the north and east boundaries of the ranch.   In total the ranch has approximately 2.5 miles of river frontage and the river at this point is approximately 7’ to 10’ deep and 100’ to 120’ wide.   The ranch can be described as a river ranch with recreational access to the river (kayaking, fishing, etc.), with huge trees along the river and approximately 100 acres of farm land.  The farm land is good productive land that is planted in cotton or milo, depending on the year. 

The charm and beauty of the ranch is in its river bottom.  The river bottom acreage is very unique with the large trees and scattered palmetto trees.  It’s a riparian climate that is hard to find in South Texas.  This environment is perfect for all the deer, turkey and hogs that live on the ranch.  This is a special place with special attributes. 

A small piece of the minerals may be negotiated separately.

Price: $3,750/acre 

Mission River Ranch

Refugio County, Refugio, TX

265 Acres

Property Sold
Jul 23rd, 2020
$993,750 (Asking Price)