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West Weedy Creek Ranch - Live Oak County, Whitsett, TX

West Weedy Creek Ranch is an excellent example of a diverse unspoiled South Texas ranch ready for its newest steward to make the ranch their own. The vast majority of the ranch’s habitat is native and untouched, exhibiting old-growth bull mesquites, prolific cedar elms along the banks of West Weedy Creek, a smattering of live oaks, giant hackberries and big South Texas brush, just an hour from downtown San Antonio. The ranch is host to healthy populations of white-tailed deer, bobwhite quail and dove that thrive in their respective habitats across the ranch. Finding a natural property with the proximity to population centers, diversity in habitat and untapped potential is difficult. West Weedy Creek Ranch is that kind of opportunity.

Location: West Weedy Creek Ranch is approximately 1 hour from downtown San Antonio, TX and 3 hours and 15 minutes from Houston, TX. There are approximately 2 miles of frontage on the well maintained CR 245 just 5+/- miles east of I-37.

Habitat: This ranch is perhaps one of the last untouched ranches in the area providing the new owner the ability to develop it into a premier South Texas ranch. West Weedy Creek enters the property in the northeast quadrant and traverses the ranch for over a mile, offering dense cedar elm groves, classic South Texas riparian habitat and seasonal water ideal for cover and forage for wildlife. The remainder of the ranch is rolling terrain with big south Texas brush and mature trees naturally motted in favor of both quail and white-tailed deer populations.  In addition to the more natural diversity of the ranch, there are approximately 200 acres of former pasture that can be reclaimed for a dove field or other food plots, if desired.

Wildlife:  The ranch has generous populations of the typical native wildlife supported by adequate diverse grasses, brush and tree species. The naturally motted landscape, extensive grasses and diverse brush provide excellent habitat for white-tailed deer, quail, turkey, feral hogs and various South Texas predators.

Based in incidental observations during our recent visits, deer, quail and dove populations are very healthy!

Dove hunting on the ranch looks to be excellent around the largest of the stock tanks.

Water:  The wet weather West Weedy Creek on the eastern portion of the ranch flows following adequate rainfall and has numerous holes that hold water for extended periods.

There are several unnamed wet weather creek drainages elsewhere in the ranch that also provide riparian habitat and water features at times.

There are several stock tanks scattered around the ranch that are perfect for livestock, wildlife and recreational use. Supplementing the larger of these with well water (as insurance during dry times) and stocking with forage fish and bass would create a great stock tank for fishing with family and friends.

The ranch has one water well at an old headquarters site outfitted with an electric submersible pump. The well is operational and keeps a nearby trough full.

Livestock:  The ranch is used for grazing as conditions warrant.

Electricity: Electricity is found at various places throughout the ranch.

Minerals:  This offering is surface only. The ranch minerals are leased with some limited and well-maintained activity on west portion. Conoco is the lease operator and the lease includes surface use provisions.

Price: Asking $4,020,500 (or $2,750/ac)

West Weedy Creek Ranch

Live Oak County, Whitsett, TX

1,462 Acres

Property Sold
Jun 21st, 2021
$4,020,500 (Asking Price)