MV2 Ranch - Roberts County, Pampa, TX

The MV2 Ranch is arguably one of the finest quail and wildlife ranches in the country. This is the place where range conditions, mother nature, and true land stewardship have come into remarkable alignment creating an ideal ranch and recreational mecca for the true sportsman – an offering on the market that represents a very rare opportunity. The property was once part of the famed 67,000-acre Mesa Vista Ranch, and is home to some of the greatest native bobwhite quail in Texas. This northeastern Panhandle ranch has more than sufficient water to continue to support a healthy bird and wildlife population, with one main feature being a 7-mile water line that runs 24/7 with sprinkler heads every 1,000 feet. Quail are the focus, yet the ranch also boasts a very healthy herd of mule and white-tailed deer as well!



The ranch is located in west central Roberts County, about 25 miles north of Pampa, about 50 miles north of I-40, and it is west of Canadian. Access to the property is via county-maintained Reynolds Ranch Road, which stretches roughly 3.5 miles north from Highway 70 and leads into the south entry of the ranch. This road also serves as access for the Mesa Vista Ranch Club, and it is highly improved. A second access route from Highway 70 is further north to enter the ranch on its east side.

Pampa hotels and the 5,800’ airstrip are 15 minutes from the ranch.

Topography, Rangeland & Habitat

The MV2 Ranch is a native grass ranch with the predominant species being buffalo grass, bluestem, gramagrass and Indiangrass. It also has significant areas of rabbitbrush, chickasaw plum, ragweed, and other grasses that have been infused into the ecosystem over the years. Soil types are primarily fine sandy loams. Two-track roads meander all throughout the ranch to access the entire property and have been maintained and shredded for ease of travel.

Cattle have not been on the vast majority of this ranch for at least 18 years. 


Approximately 30 years ago Boone Pickens started a vision of creating the worlds greatest quail hunting, and this ranch is a key segment of that storied land holding. Because of the historical, expansive care and management of the quail and range conditions this remains one of the best wild quail habitats. A fall 2023 game survey by one of Texas top wildlife biologists, resulted in an impressive flushing of over 130 coveys! The very diverse landscape of natural habitat is also home to whitetail deer, mule deer, antelope, blue quail, and doves. 200+/- quail feeders and 5 600lb protein/corn feeders also supplement the wildlife.


There are about 30 miles of good fences, about 1/3 of which has been built within the last 3 years. This allows for smart pasture rotation should the next owner decide to bring cattle back into the ranch, which has not been done in 18 years.

A two-bedroom house is currently being remodeled at the headquarters area overlooking a beautiful lake and quiet setting. Ask broker for more details.


The focal point of the ranch water system on top of the Ogallala aquifer is the 4-inch waterline that runs approximately 7 miles along the Dry Creek area of the ranch. This is an incredible and diverse topographical area for the ranch that runs north to south from one end of the ranch to the other. A sprinkler head every 1,000 feet provides moisture and water for quail and wildlife all year long and this runs off of a water well on the south end of the ranch.

Roberts County receives 23 inches of rain, on average, per year, and 13 inches of snow per year.

Approximately 10 water wells.

The ranch is allowed for up to 50 additional water wells throughout the ranch to provide additional water for wildlife and livestock (up to 17gpm).

Natural stock ponds, potholes, and pools

12 fallow pivot fields

Full details on all water can be provided by Broker.


There is production on the ranch with about 6 well site locations. Minerals are not being offered with this sale, but a small portion of the mineral estate may be available with an acceptable contract. Ask broker for more details.

This ranch is being co-marketed with Mark McMillan

MV2 Ranch

Roberts County, Pampa, TX

12,061± Acres