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La Paloma Ranch - Lampasas County, Lometa, TX

Key Attributes


La Paloma Ranch is located 90 miles north of Austin, near the town of Lometa, the ranch spans both sides of beautiful Simms Creek for nearly a mile.  The 4,000+ SF, ranch-style home is situated next to a big live oak grove on a high elevation point.  The west-side porch and fire pit overlook a 5-acre lake loaded with big bass and sunfish.  The north and east-side porches face an unspoiled vista across the ranch to the distant horizon.  The property’s diverse wildlife habitat includes old-growth oak and pecan lined creek-bottoms, some strategic dense cover areas, and hundreds of acres of pristine native grass prairie interspersed with hardwoods, mixed brush, and juniper. 


4,000+SF, 4-bedroom, open floor-plan home was constructed in the 1990s, has been well-maintained, and is fully operational (14 beds in current configuration).   

Large equipment barn with game cleaning facility south of house – insulated and built on slab

5+/- acre lake – excellent bass fishery

Low-fence perimeter

10 deer blinds with corn feeders

3 bulk free-choice supplemental pellet feeders for deer

Approx 1-mile all weather entry road from gate to HQ

600’ water well adequate to serve house and barn area

4 additional water wells on property – three have power (these water wells are not in current use)

3 smaller ponds provide ample wildlife water in addition to Simms Creek

Good interior road system provides truck and ATV access to all areas

Multiple cool-season food plot areas

Selective Juniper clearing has enhanced unsurpassed native grass prairie habitat

Wildlife and Habitat

La Paloma is teeming with wildlife – native white-tailed deer are abundant and free to roam.  The bucks can grow impressive racks when they reach maturity.  Healthy populations of Rio Grande turkeys roost along Simms Creek and frequent all areas of the ranch.  Due to the native grass habitat, bobwhite quail are plentiful in good rain years.  Little bluestem is the dominant grass that anchors an explosion of native diversity including hairy grama, tall grama, side oats grama (the state grass of Texas), buffalograss, both shortspike and hooded windmillgrass, sand dropseed, white tridens, and many other grasses that evolved in this area prior to modern human influence.  Along the creek, huge stands of yellow indiangrass and switchgrass shade the banks.  In big rain events, runoff from the lake’s spillway has effectively stocked Simms Creek with bass – providing sportsmen the rare treat of “spot and stalk” shallow-water sight casting to big bass in the many shaded pools and cut-banks. 


The most convenient access is via a well-maintained county road that runs north from Lometa 9 miles to the main entrance gate.  Inside the gate, a main caliche road provides all-weather access to the HQ and lake area. 


The Seller does not own the mineral rights.  No current or prior mineral production activity exists on the ranch.

La Paloma Ranch

Lampasas County, Lometa, TX

904 Acres

Property Sold
Oct 30th, 2018
$3,246,264 (Asking Price)